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Driveway Maintenance

Bergen County Sealcoating provides residential asphalt sealcoating services with quality results, especially within residential areas. We have the capability to fully transform any deteriorated or drab looking pavement. A fresh driveway can offer you plenty of benefits and can be very cost efficient. Check out the difference between the two driveways on the right. Even though the pavement was not severely damaged, a full sealcoat has drastically improved the curb appeal of the home and created a fresh, clean finish on the pavement that will also improve it’s lifespan.

Sealcoating can provide your residence with easy to drive on asphalt that will be resist cracking for years to come. This means no damaging potholes costing you hundreds at the mechanic. Overall, sealcoating can be a much more cheaper solution to asphalt issues as it will prevent any expensive issues from arising. A consistent sealcoating application will provide you with a sturdy and long-lasting driveway for years to come, that also looks amazing too. For our sealcoating product, we prefer to use Sealmasters commercial grade, coal-tar sealer with a mix of polymer additives and sand. This mixture ensures maximum durability in the sealcoat and adds extra traction to your driveway.

Most asphalt will last for 20 years. This number can be increased if you properly maintain your drive way, by maintaining your driveway by pressure washing every two or three years. Make sure to seal any cracks that appear before they get too large, as if they get too big it can require a full replacement of the driveway, which is much more expensive than just sealing a crack.

If you’re ever seeking to prolong your driveway for many years feel free to contact Bergen County Sealcoating and we’ll provide you with a free consultation and get your driveway sealcoated to keep your properties looking sharp as ever.