Whenever old line striping needs replaced, we have all the necessary equipment to revitalize those lines.


Parking lot striping, also known as traffic markings or line striping, provides organized traffic flow and clearly marked parking stalls and areas for vehicles to park. An effective parking striping layout consists of bright, durable line striping for stalls, arrows for entrances and exits, arrows for directional flow on parking lots, handicap parking spaces, clearly marked fire lane areas and more.

Proper and effective line striping not only can increase the aesthetic of the area, but should also provide extra safety and visibility to those who need it. Otherwise, accidents can happen. Parking lot striping is typically performed by professional line striping contractors. Water-based acrylic traffic paints are the most common type of line striping paints used today due to their bright color and the cost-factor.

Good line striping can also impress your customers, notably any first time customers. Seeing the well maintained, clean aspect of your business will impress some customers, plus they will have a much easier and safer time navigating a properly line striped property.

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Once we have completed the crackfilling, pothole repairs, and sealcoat application, Bergen County Sealcoating will repaint all existing parking spaces and traffic markings. Enjoy that new, sharp appearance newly, painted parking spaces and pavement markings after Bergen County Sealcoating has put the finishing touch on your parking lot!

There are several types of traffic paints, all with their own uses for parking lot line striping such as water-based acrylics, solvent based alkyd resin paints, solvent based chlorinated rubber and many more. By far the most common paint used for parking lot striping is water based acrylic.

Water-based acrylic line striping paints provide excellent durability, high brightness and visibility, and are environmentally friendly. For these reasons, water-based acrylics are the paint of choice for most parking lots as well as roads and highways. Bergen County Sealcoating offers your pavement a great, high brightness line striping job that will last for years.


With less confusion and more clarity in your markings, drivers will have fewer accidents on your property. If your parking lot consists of dull, hard to read markings, chances are somebody will eventually get into an accident and you may be held liable.

This can end up costing you thousands of dollars in the long run and you can easily avoid liability for accidents caused by dull markings by applying routine line striping to your lot. Line striping is much more inexpensive than the price you might have to pay for somebody’s medical bills. Plus you probably don’t want to see anybody get hurt on your business. Clear, proper line striping is a great way to improve the safety of drivers and pedestrians on your property.

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Bergen County Sealcoating’s team has years of experience in repairing both residential and commercial asphalt projects. For any existing projects that have reached the age of needing replacement or repairs, Bergen County Sealcoating offers quality and durable asphalt repairs for anyone’s needs. From parking pads, to parks, to commercial business needs, Bergen County Sealcoating aims to provide durable, long lasting asphalt repairs to any asphalt in need within the Bergen County area.

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What is the point of applying markings if no one can read them? A consistent line striping application will ensure your markings are always easy to spot so there is no issues such as someone parking where they aren’t supposed to due to non-visible markings. Also, Americans with Disabilities Act requires all parking lots, regardless of size, to have the proper amount of handicapped-accessible parking stalls. Requirements include handicap blue and white pavement markings as well as metal handicap signs at each handicapped parking stall. Typical ADA requirements call for one handicapped parking stall per 25 regular parking stalls. Handicapped spots should be visible and not deteriorated, dull and hard to find.

Bright line striping and other markings will eventually wear down until they are nearly impossible to read, potentially causing accidents you may be held liable for.

So, to make it less of a hassle to have to worry about line striping, Bergen County Sealcoating has all the tools to correctly and beautifully line stripe any of your parking lot or road striping needs. We will effectively transform your parking lot striping into a bright, readable yellow, as well as correct any previous flaws in the line striping, such as incorrect spacing or any other mistakes that may have occurred. Our line striping will help maximize the traffic flow in your parking lot and keep you prepared for any busy days to come that quickly fill that parking lot up. Keep your parking lot ready for maximum traffic with our vivid, readable line striping services.

Our line striping services will provide your customers with added safety as well as improve the appearance of your business as a whole. Chances are your customers would much rather shop at a business with proper line striping than a business that is a maze to navigate thanks to dull and/or improper line striping.

Attracting customers is obviously a key to a successful business, and proper line striping and sealcoating can add in plenty of visual impact to your business. A clean, well maintained look is a great way to get new customers to pull into your business, and you will likely make the money back that you spend on line striping just from new customers. Not to mention the money you can potentially save from avoiding liabilities.

So, if you’re looking for a professional, long lasting line striping solution, Bergen County Sealcoating is happy to help with any of your residential or commercial line striping needs. Feel free to contact us today for any more information about our high quality and vivid line striping services!

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