Asphalt Sealcoating in Bergen CountyAsphalt Sealcoating in Bergen County

Driveway Maintenance

Cracks in your pavement along with pot holes and raveling not only reduce the value of your property and are un-appealing, they are also a safety issue and cause problems for visitors. With SealMaster’s large network of sealcoating and asphalt maintenance contractors, a solution to unsightly pavement can be had.

Bergen County Sealcoating proudly services any residential asphalt repair needs, no matter how harsh the cracking is in your parking space. We offer asphalt repair services that will leave your driveway looking amazing and brand new with minimal downtime. Keeping your asphalt well maintained is an important part of a home, as it can cause issues with safety, and cause damages to guest’s vehicles, or even your own.

For any residential driveways requiring repairs, this cold asphalt product provides a strong, permanent repair for minor potholes and small areas of damaged asphalt. It is hands down, the best cold asphalt product on the market and provides residential with long lasting drive ways that can hold up to the toughest weather conditions as well as typical wear and tear from parking usage.

Bergen County Sealcoating’s team has years of experience in repairing both residential and commercial asphalt projects. For any existing projects that have reached the age of needing replacement or repairs, Bergen County Sealcoating offers quality and durable asphalt repairs for anyone’s needs. From parking pads, to parks, to commercial business needs, Bergen County Sealcoating aims to provide durable, long lasting asphalt repairs to any asphalt in need within the Bergen County area.