Maintaining Your Asphalt’s Strength with Sealcoating

Eventually, asphalt pads will start to crack and need to be repaired. Thankfully, asphalt isn’t as expensive to re-do, and it’s well worth it to replace. Maintaining asphalt damage as soon as possible is important, as the longer you wait, the more damage that will be done, and the more expensive the repairs will be overall. Choosing a professional team for the job helps ensure a longer lasting, better looking, and low maintenance driveway.

Unlike concrete, asphalt can be driven on almost immediately. If you choose to replace a driveway with concrete, you’ll have to wait much longer to drive on it, so asphalt is your best option if you have to drive on the surface as soon as possible. Asphalt is also a lot more simpler to repair earlier on compared to concrete. With any cracks in asphalt, they can be sealed by filling them up quite easily. However, if you neglect cracks, water will turn them into larger craters and they will become a greater issue.

Most asphalt will last for 20 years. This number can be increased if you properly maintain your drive way, by maintaining your driveway by pressure washing every two or three years. Make sure to seal any cracks that appear before they get too large, as if they get too big it can require a full replacement of the driveway, which is much more expensive than just sealing a crack.

The cost will vary depending on how large of an area you need; but asphalt is much cheaper compared to concrete, and with little to no downsides. This is why asphalt is an optimal material for any driveways. Bergen County Sealcoating can offer both professional and reliable asphalt installation services, repair services, AND seal-coating services at a reasonable price, get in contact today for a free estimate!